Digiback 2.0 Press Release

OK Folks, here’s the unofficial press release followed by the official press release. Enjoy!

Unofficial Press Release:

I’ve made a ton of feature enhancements for the 2.0 version. And to be frank, they rock. My favorite addition is that now when you  go to load an image, you can also load images from your Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr. Right along side your device photos. Show me another app that does that. (OK, well there are proly a few, but not many).

My next favorite feature: Google+ posting! Now I know only college kids and Google employees use the network, but hey, it’s getting better, and I really like it. And now I can post my Digiback Photos to Google+. I repeat, show me an app that can do that.

In short, the unofficial press release states this: Digiback 2.o is awesome. And it’s an awesome improvement over a previously awesome photo app.

And here’s a little tip: Digiback is free, but does require a $2.99 (USD) in app purchase to unlock all the filters. Not that you need to unlock them all to enjoy the immense pleasures of the app. But that said, I’ve released Digiback Pro for $1.99 (USD) which has all the same features as the free Digiback, only the filters are all unlocked and available. So go ahead, save yourself a solid buck.

Onto the official press release…


Official Press Release:

New York, New York – Please direct inquiries to:
Brett Spurrier, 347-915-5461


Digiback 2.0 Offers a New Way to Create and Use Custom Photo Filters on Mobile Devices
App gives users the ability to combine filters for unique effects

NEW YORK, NY — Digiback 2.0 for iOS is an update to the previous version 1.0, which allows users to extend their photo creativity and use custom photo filters for the cameras on their mobile devices, is now available via the App Store.

The app, which takes full-resolution photos, gives people the ability create, save and use their own custom filters by mixing and matching the app’s numerous base filters. It has been released by independent mobile app developer Brett Spurrier.

After only a few short weeks from it’s initial release, Digiback 2.0 offers an array of new – and useful – features over its predecessor. Introducing features such as posting images to Google+, Flickr, and Instagram. Users can also now load images from Facebook, Instagram and Flickr right into the app itself, and apply their personal designed custom filters to those photos.

“I am very excited to unveil these additional features for Digiback. The success of v1.0 gave me tremendous feedback which I have included in v2.0” said Spurrier. “While there are other apps out there that offer filters, this app is about exploring the different possibilities provided by combining filters for a unique photo-taking experience. Additionally, none of those apps integrate social networks with quite the same non-intrusive pizazz as Digiback.”

Digiback is different than other photo filter apps in that rather than providing a small number of predefined filters, it gives users hundreds of options that they can create based off a combination of base filters offered by the app. Version 2.0 greatly increases the feasibility of its Photo Tracking, which tracks whenever photos are liked, retweeted or shared on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, G+ and other social media platforms. This provides a critical link between Digiback and a user’s other social media activities.

Among the base filters the app offers are sepia tone, cartoon, color invert, sketching, selective blur, pixelate and numerous others. All of these filters can be combined to create truly unique photos. The Digiback Cloud Community also allows users to browse and download custom filters created by others through an easy-to-use interface.

“Digiback has been designed to be completely interactive so that you can share your photos on the social media platform of your choice, as well as learn from the filter combinations of others,” Spurrier said. “This program builds on what has been established with other filter apps, but it takes things to a completely new level.”

The Digiback is free to download at the App Store, although some base filters require unlocking via in-app purchases. However, it is completely possible for users to experience the wide range of features available through the app without ever making a purchase. Digiback Pro is available to download from the App Store for US $1.99. Digiback Pro has all the filters unlocked.