Digiback v2.0 Preview

Hello Digibacker’s…here’s a preview of what’s to come in the next version. Lots to show.

First, I enhanced the color theme a bit to make the rosy beige, background more off-white. I think it looks better. Do you?

Next I added more social networks. You asked for them, and now look, the requests are in the next version! And I integrated them in a few different ways. You can open photos from your camera reel and photo albums on your iOS device (same as before), but now you can also open photos from Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr


Next, I removed the “Connect” buttons in favor of only showing those networks which you are connected to. And of course, I made it simple to connect and remove networks, without having to move to the settings screen.

And as a bonus, I added posting to Flickr, and Google+! Yes, that’s right, show me another app that posts to Google+!



Keep the requests and comments coming, and now that Digiback Version 2 is almost out the door, I’ll be blogging here more often.

If you’d like to have any of your Digiback Photos posted on the Digiback site, feel free to contact me at this site!

Happy Digibacking!